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About Learn2Earn


The concept of Learn2Earn is simple. We are an educational app that hopes to connect mentor tutors from around the world to refugees. Mentors can pick from a variety of subjects to tutor and the app will match them with a refugee looking to learn that subject. Each party will earn $1 of in-app credit for every hour of mentorship, which can be withdrawn in the currency of the party's choice after 600 logged hours of tuition. 

Our aim is to help mentors understand the refugee experience and give refugees the chance to learn in a flexible and personalised way, while fostering a sense of belonging and friendship. BUT... we need your help. We're currently in the development stages of the app and getting it off the ground requires funding. If you like what Learn2Earn is about, please consider sparing anything you can to our cause by clicking the Donate Now button below.

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